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Screw school pamphlets, unhelpful grief groups, and people saying “sorry for your loss.” It’s time to get real about grief. We’re in this together.

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Hymn for the Hurting
Hymn for the Hurting

Excerpt from "Hymn for the Hurting" by Amanda Gorman

May we not just grieve, but give:
May we not just ache, but act;
May our signed right to bear arms
Never blind our sight from shared harm;
May we choose our children over chaos.
May another innocent never be lost.

Maybe everything hurts,
Our hearts shadowed & strange.
But only when everything hurts
May everything change.

Amanda Gorman is a Poet Laurette and the author of “The Hill We Climb,” “Call Us What We Carry” and “Change Sings.”

My Favorite Teen Rom-Com
My Favorite Teen Rom-Com

By Sarafina, age 15

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (2018) is one of my favorite films. It’s based on the book by Jenny Han and is a teen romantic comedy on Netflix directed by Susan Johnson and written by Sofia Alvarez. It’s the first film in a trilogy, about a girl in high school named Lara Jean Song Covey, who writes secret love letters to her crushes. These letters end up causing major chaos in her life!

Lara Jean, along with her sisters, is also dealing with her mom passing away the year before. You can just see them going through all the hardships and really struggling because they want to ask their mom for advice when they don’t know what to do. I feel like it’s so relatable, especially for me (my dad died) and others who are grieving. We just want to ask our loved ones who died for help! It’s a really great movie, and I highly recommend it

United in Grief
United in Grief

by Kennedy, age 15

Early on in “United In Grief,” the album Kendrick reveals he’s been “going through something” and we learn he’s speaking with a therapist. In this opening song, his lyrics introduce themes of family and generational trauma, acceptance from a damaged culture, healing, and the grief of his late friend, Chad Keaton, who was killed in 2013. 

I grieve different
(Everybody grieves different)
(Everybody grieves different)
I grieve different (Huh)

As explained through the verses, “I grieve different.” He’s become a materialistic person, going against his personal morals.
He also touches on the fact that ”everybody grieves different.” And while we may grieve differently, we can all unite with the idea of having to deal with it.

Why we still talk about them
Why we still talk about them

We love this sentiment written by @empowered_through_grief:

"I talk about him because I am the 

memory keeper of a life that exists only in my mind.

I talk about him to remember & honour

who he was and his impact in this world.

I will always talk about him because for 

me, he's still here, weaved into 

everything I am and do."

Yes, yes, yes! And if you happen to be a non-griever reading this: if you are uncomfortable when we grievers bring up our person who died, please know that we are honoring that person and our relationship with them. Please make space for this, even if makes you a little uncomforable.

"Please don't let my death be about my death
Please don't make no movies about my death
Please make my death about my life
If you make a movie ‘bout my life, make it right."

-from "Sun Come Down"

– Chance The Rapper
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