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We want to hear from you if:

  • You’re a grieving teen who wants to share your feelings or story with us, has a cool idea or recommendation for us, or just wants to say hi.

  • You're a teen and want to write a 250-300 word blog post for us, sharing something specific about your grief journey and what you've learned. It's a chance to help each other out. Check out our blog for inspiration.

  • You’re in the media and want to highlight how teens feel about grief as well as GRIEF SUCKS.

  • You've got a partnership idea for us (whether you’re a corporation, individual, or other organization).

  • You want to make a donation because you're totally into what we're we’re doing. Know your donation will go to the national nonprofit Experience Camps, the nonprofit behind GRIEF SUCKS.

*If your inquiry is about Experience Camps (not GRIEF SUCKS specifically), visit